YG Continue To Add Mystery To Their New Girl Group

Fans of YG Entertainment are definitely being kept on the edge of their seat as another video focusing on one of the members was uploaded today, similar to previous teasers, the video held only the title “WHO’S THAT GIRL???” Watch the video below:

All that is revealed in the video regarding this member is that she is 16 years old, however, some netizens have speculated that she is from Thailand, having made it through the YG Auditions which took place there, called Lalisa Manoban.


The video reveals some of the definite talent and skill the mysterious girl has in dancing, but also some of the other members! Netizens have been diligent in capturing glimpses of the other members, matching them up with the images of previously revealed members:

So what can we conclude from this teaser? The girls definitely have skill in dancing. How much longer is YG going to keep us waiting?




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