Yang Hyun Suk Talks about Why YG Artists avoid TV Appearances!

YG Entertainment was in the spotlight for being selective against certain TV shows or channels. It was revealed that YG artists were focusing on appearances on SBS channel only.

Regarding the criticism YG Entertainment has received, Yang Hyun Suk stated, “If stars schedule appearances as much as they are requested, they might be scheduled for way too many appearances. Not only do the stars get exhausted but their back dancers, stylist, manager and all the staff become exhausted. And it’s not like they can appear on each event looking the same way. They have to look unique and different for each appearance. Sometimes when stars appear on too many shows, they begin to look the same in each appearance, which is a problem.”

And “Instead of scheduling as many events possible, we decided to choose and focus on the shows that the artist will be appearing in. We’re trying to schedule about two appearances per week for the stars. For the stars to perform in their best condition, they need to maintain their strength but if they get overwhelmed, they won’t be able to show perfect performances. Even if I get criticized, it just has to be done this way for the artists.”

Even though Yang Hyun Suk is being criticized for being selective against certain shows, he explains that it is for the best. He will not overwhelm and exhaust the stars by over scheduling them. Instead, Yang Hyun Suk wants his stars to perform at their 100% to show their fans a perfect performance.

YG’s style of management is completely different from that of a newly debuted star. Most stars try to make most appearances as possible regardless of how their conditions are. Although Yang Hyun Suk is receiving criticism for his style, he is also receiving respect for wanting to show the artists’ 100% instead of tiring them out.

He also stated, “YG stars usually don’t attend award shows. If the stars attend all the award shows just to receive an award, they would have to attend an award show every day at the end of the year to attend or perform at the award shows. It’s one of the things we differentiate against for the sake of the artists.”

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Translated by: kpopstarz


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  1. That’s why i admire YG Entertainment and the artist under their management.
    YG makes the artists exclusive, they appreciate them, and try to give the best from the artists to the fans in all of their performance. And yes, they can produce the best artists, not only in Korea but also for the world stage..And most of that, they are not trying to EXPLOIT the artist..



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