Woo Reflects on Past Struggles in “USED TO” Single and MV Release

On Tuesday, August 11, hip-hop rapper Woo (Woo Wonjae) suddenly released his new single “USED TO (Ft. CIFIKA).”

“USED TO (ft. CIFIKA”) is a soft hip-hop track with a melancholic but soothing tone that complements Woo’s unique delivery. The lyrics are a self-reflection of Woo’s past struggles and hardships and how he is content and happy with where he is now in life. 

In the music video, the camera pans in, taking the viewers through a picture frame of Woo amidst a large crowd. As the video progresses, bruises creep onto his face, emphasizing the struggles that he endured to get where he is today.

Woo first caught the public’s eye when he participated in the 2017 hip-hop talent show, ‘Show Me The Money 6‘ and placed overall. His 2017 debut single, “We Are (Ft. Gray and Loco)” was a certified all-kill on numerous Korean charts. Later that year, he signed with AOMG and quickly released his first single album, ‘Anxiety.’ His last release over a year ago with “Engine,” a collaboration track with Jay Park.

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