Wonder Girls’ Be My Baby MV proving popular on Youtube!

It hasn’t yet been a full 3 days since Wonder Girls’ new MV, Be My Baby, was released, and yet it’s gained over 3 million views! Although the counter under the video itself is showing roughly over 2.5 million views, we can assume Youtube’s view counter is once again struggling to keep up, as you can see here what must be the real view count:

The video is reminiscent of Beyonce’s Single Ladies, and even Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra, with a black-and-white concept combined with accented colours on the members’ clothing. The choreography is bright and spunky and made all the more interesting by use of silhouettes and bird’s-eye-view camera shots. If the choreography also reminds you of Single Ladies, it’s because it was conceived by none other than the same choreographer, Jonte!

The single is accompanied by their comeback album, Wonder World, which features 13 tracks including the English version of the insanely catchy Be My Baby. Their comeback stage is this Friday on Music Bank.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the MV here!

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