Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby” is a YouTube hit in Korea

YouTube announced a list of the top ten most watched videos and top ten most popular videos, excluding music videos, in Korea in 2011, on December 21. In the list of top ten most watched music videos, Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby”, came up top in that list.

The list that was announced was for the top music videos uploaded from January 1 and November 30. “Be My Baby” was the title of the second domestic album to be released by Wonder Girls’. The video received a lot of attention because the dance moves were choreographed in collaboration with Jonte who worked on Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. The Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby” video only took two months for it to become the most watched video.

Also ranking in the list was Hyun Ah (4Minute)’s solo song “Bubble Pop” in second and SNSD’s “The Boys” in third.

Ranking four to ten was KARA’s Step, 2NE1′s “Lonely” and “I Am The Best”, T-ara’s “Roly Poly”, f(x)’s “Pinocchio”, Sistar’s “So Cool” and Miss A’s “Good-bye Baby”. It also showed the popularity of kpop girl groups.

A statement made by Google Korea’s CEO Yeom Dong Hoon said, “K-pop music and music videos have been very popular worldwide that K-pop genre has recently been chosen as one of the music categories on YouTube. The popularity of K-pop, which is spreading out to more countries, could be achieved by domestic fans’ constant support.”

Among Korean’s most watched videos, not including the music videos, is “My Hilarious Sister-in-law at My Wedding.”. The video is suppose to be a funny video made a bride’s sister who dresses up as Mickey Mouse and dances along to Orange Caramel’s “Magic Girl”, where the bride suddenly wears sunglasses and joins in.


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