What Is The Meaning Behind C-CLOWN’S Unique Stage Names?

The 6-member rookie male idol group C-CLOWN held a formal showcase for their debut album ‘NOT ALONE’ for the music and media industry officials at Seoul’s Ye Hall in Apgujeong.
On the showcase day Rome, Siwoo, Ray, Kangjun, TK, and Maru each explained the background and meaning behind their stage name.

First off, the leader Rome’s states that since his real name is Yu Barom so “I decided to take the ‘-rom’ from my real name. Since I am also the team leader, I also liked the fact that it held the meaning and significance of Rome’s emperors.”

Secondly, the member Ray says that “My real name is Kim Hyunil. I decided on the name ‘Ray’ after I saw the 2004 movie about Ray Charles’ life story.” “It’s short for Top Kid. It means that I plan on only giving forth my top performances. My real name is Lee Minwoo but since another Lee Minwoo is a member of Shinhwa-sunbaenims and Minwoo is a member of ZE:A-sunbaenims it would be difficult for me to use my real name.”
“My real name is Lee Jaejun. Since using pure Korean is best, it means to be at the top. To become the representative of the top in the music industry is the significance behind it,” Maru explains in regards to his name.* “My real name is Kim Taemin. Siwoo has the meaning of ‘a welcomed/much-needed rain.’ I want to become a part of the ‘much-needed rain’ that rains upon the music industry of today,” Siwoo declares.**

Finally, Kangjun declares that “I am the only one of the team who uses his real name. The agency hoped that my real name when written would give out a stronger appeal to others.”

On the other hand, the singer/producer Rado took charge of the producing and lyrics composition for the title track ‘Solo’ C-CLOWN’s first debut album. Also, in particular, the leader Rome (real name: Yu Barom) and T.K (real name: Lee Minwoo) were both directly involved in the rap making. T.K has also appeared in a comprehensive programming channel’s, JTBC’s, Sunday sitcom lineup in the show ‘Living in Cheongdam-dong’. In addition, Rome, T.K, Siwoo, Ray, Kangjun, and Maru are six people, each with their own strong individual personalities.

(Credits:Nate, Newsen, Fuckyeahcrownclown (translation)

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