Video of EXO Manager Re-Surfaces Online Causing a Storm with Fans

An old video of EXO’s manager hitting a female fan at Gimpo Airport has begun to re-surface online.

The video filmed in August, has caused a wave of anger from netizens after making news headlines in Korean media.

The video was titled ‘SM Manager Hits Fan Girl in front of TAO EXO M’ as it was uploaded onto YouTube. The video was shot as EXO were leaving Gimpo airport in August this year.

Fans surrounding the the boys are all trying to catch a glimpse of them. One of the younger female fans is seen to have been pushed too close to EXO, who can be seen in black framed glasses holding a digi-cam. EXO’s manager then spots the fan getting a bit too close and then proceeds to slap her forehead, causing her glasses to drop. In the corner of the video you can then see the female fan holding her face as the manager walks past.

The majority of EXO had passed the fan already but Tao was still walking pass at the time. He is clearly seen to have spotted the slap and looks in the direction of the fan, but instead walks past without stopping to see if she is ok.

A Nate reader criticised the SM manager for slapping the fan and also the Tao for walking by without saying anything.

“I’m speechless that a manager is hitting a fan, but even more speechless that the idol is doing nothing about it and just watching as if it happens all the time” the reader said.

SM Entertainment has since apologises for the incident, saying that they would make sure this would never happen again.

Their statement read, “It was an accident that happened last August while we were moving to our next schedule. We are deeply sorry for causing this to happen and we’ll make sure prevent this from happening again.”

An investigation by Nate also found that the same manager had hit another fan in 2010. This time the manager was responsible for SHINee. He struck a female fan in the back of the head as she approached SHINee.

See the video below.

Skip to the 1:23 mark


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