UK Store ‘Tesco’ have begun to stock K-Pop


Tesco, who are one of the largest grocery store chains in the UK have begun to stock in Kpop.

They are the first non-music store to start selling Kpop in the UK. Although for now it would seem that you can only purchase the CDs through their online store. We would hope that in a few weeks you will be able to find the Kpop CDs in your local store.



At the moment Tesco are stocking 4Minute, Beast, HyunA and SHINee CDs. We expect them to sell G.Na CDs too.
In a way it is quite a coinscidence as London has had the UnitedCube concert as well as SHINee in London!

However, some fans would say that Kpop is becoming too mainstream. What do you think?


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