Trend alert from TaeTiSeo’s “Twinkle” MV


Now Fashion is also about getting your five a day?

This season we have seen a unique trend emerging on catwalks and on some quirky Hollywood stars. This trend is no other than the vegetable print! At first, it seems like such a bizarre trend. It is quite hard to get your head around the compatibility of vegetables on your outfit. The prints that some celebrity wore actually do not do any favour for the vegetable print trend. They just seem a bit in-your-face and intimidating to wear for the general public.
Why bother mentioning about this trend in TTS fashion article? Because, 2minutes 16 seconds into the video, Tiffany rocks the vegetable-print halter dress! Her dress is very pretty. The print is very subtle that you can’t even tell if it’s the vegetable print at first glance. Her dress costs $915 and it is from Mochino.

I found a clothing website that sells vegetable print without the designer price tag! Around £45-50(with pp), even thought it’s not that cheap, it is relatively affordable compared to designer brand.

1. Gossipi Aubergine print skater dress in pink – £44.99

2. Gossipi Aubergine print skater dress in purple – £44.99

3. Gossipi Tomato print dress in red – £44.99

4. Gossipi Courgette flower print in yellow – £44.99


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