[ad#GA-tx-468-Ericka] Rookie group, Tiny-G, has just released their music video for their second single, “MINIMANIMO”!

The single has caught the attention of many fans for portraying a completely different concept from their debut single. TINY-G debuted back in August 2012 with their self-titled single, “TINY-G”, where they made an impression for not only their short height (average height of 153cm) but also for their powerful b-boy choreography.

Now with their comeback track “MINIMANIMO”, TINY-G shed their old hip-hop concept for a colorful, aegyo-filled music video! According to LOENT’s video description, “It is a [story] about a girl who is breaking up in a rather cool manner but actually is very sad in the inside. It talks about how she thinks even the phone battery is not worthy for him but she loves him too much at the same time to forget about him.”

TINY-G may be one of the shortest K-Pop groups out there, but they have proved themselves to be versitle and talented singers and dancers. The girls are to make their official comeback on January 21st so stay tuned and check out the music video below:

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