Tiny G – Average 153cm Tall Girl Group

Tiny G

“Mini dol? You can expect a complete reversal from our nickname”

An average 153cm tall rookie girl group Tiny G(J Min, Dohee, Mint, Myung Ji) has a great determination to k-pop. The group’s name stands for ‘Tiny Giant’ to signify that although the girls are ‘tiny,’ they are ‘strong and fierce like giants’. It certainly makes them distinct among other k-pop rookies.

Before debut, Tiny G introduced them as they performed the track ‘Polaris’, a song which soloist Jay Park and actress Si-young Lee had given them as a gift through MBC’s ‘Music and Lyrics’. Thanks to it, they could overcome nerves on the stage.

“We were so happy that we made unique debut. Although it was once, we learned a lot from seniors and experienced the site in advance.” (Dohee)

Debut song is also ‘Tiny G’ as team name. It was written and composed by Rovin who was from YG. Lyric says ‘Never be daunted among tall girl groups’ as the title. It’s dance music with hip-hop beat.

“Although we are small, performance is impressive. Debut song is good to dance. Since we experienced site atmosphere and rehearsal process, we should be confident on stage.” (J Min)

The youngest Myung Ji says “I appreciate that Jay and Lee came to record studio to cheer us up in the middle of the night. They advised to smile often and to not to be nervous.” and “Stage in Music and Lyrics helped us a lot.”

Each member has different characteristic. Dohee, a 18-year-old high school girl have made her dream come true in her hometown Yeo Su. She lastly joined the team. And she is lively with her skills. A leader and a main vocal, J Min(18, Min-jeong Shin) dreamed of being ‘Wannabe Hyo-lee Lee’ during training.

Mint, from Thailand, got famous after winning an audition TV show in Thailand. She performed as a dancer since 11, and came to Korea to achieve her dream in K-pop. Myung Ji started to act from elementary school. She performed in a drink advertisement.

“I’m nervous to debut in Korea, but it is fun. K-pop is very popular in Thailand. I want to be one of K-pop star who leads Korean Wave.”

They are all over bar the shouting as ‘Small but strong’ girls. The song ‘Tiny G’ is to promote team by priority. Their goal is in this year to win the prize for the rookie of the year.

“There are so many rookie girl groups this year, but we want to receive real attention. It’s already exciting to think we win the prize.” she smiled. (Myung Ji)

Translated by Ashley Hyejin Kang


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