Tiffany’s 1st Look pictorial

Fashion magazine 1st Look features Tiffany for their Vol.26, August issue.

The pictorial, which was released on August 2, features Tiffany’s demure and lady-like side as well as her vibrant and charming Tom-boy’s side.

Tiffany’s lady look pictorials look mature and demure yet still youthful and refreshing while her boyish pictorials reveals her alternative charms.

Wearing yellow dress with black lacy insert, Tiffany poses as a shy beauty queen in this picture.


In this picture, Tiffany is dressed is mature subtle flower patten, paired with refreshingly bright and bold-colored blue bag. Completing the outfit is her lip-touching gaze.


Dressed in city girl’s fashionable outfits, Tiffany poses with her eyes closed while flaunting her gorgeous legs.



When asked about the boyish look, Tiffany said “I thought it would be fun to combine a sexy but lovely, girly but also boyish feel.” “When I first made my debut, I was short haired and received a lot of love for my androgynous image. Through this photoshoot, I wanted to show some of my hidden charms.”



When asked if she misses living a normal life, the singer replied, “Of course I want [a normal life]. I want to walk around comfortably, go shopping and eat, and just have my own time. But this life is something I chose and I find it just as important as having my own time. That’s why I am enjoying it while trying to maintain my responsibilities and being a good example.”

Tiffany’s pictorial and interview are available in the August issue of 1st Look.

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