The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness is 2NE1’s fan?

Since the spread of Hallyu wave, k-pop idols have rapidly gained millions of international fans and more and more Western stars have spoken about K-pop music and K-pop idols. The most recent victim of Hallyu fever is none other than Jay McGuiness from an Irish boy band, “The Wanted.”

The prove is in a recent video released by The Wanted official youtube channel today. Around 2:50 mintues into the video,there is a scene of Jay singing the catchy chorus of 2NE1’s song, “I am the Best.” He asked his fans “what’s this song called/from?” and told them to tweet him the answer!

Instead of pronouncing “Naega jeil Jallaga,” which means “I am the best” in Korean, Jay sang “mega…”  Judging by his enthusiasm and bopping during the singing, Jay is definitely addicted to that song. No surprise there! Despite his cute mis-pronouciation, he has no doubt gained additional fans by 2NE1‘s  lovers. Their official youtube channel has been filled with comments by Blackjacks and there are a lot of comments like “My love for Jay has INCREASED.. if that’s even possible!!! ” and “They are 2NE1’s fans, The Wanted are officially awesome!”

Check out the video below to judge for yourself if Jay is a 2NE1‘s fan or not.


Here’s the official 2NE1’s MV “I am the Best.”


Source: The Wanted Music’s and 2NE1’s Youtube official channels


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  1. I think Jay has a great appreciation towards Kpop. He even praising the girls of 2NE1 via twitter.
    And of course he cannot pronounce it right, first, he’s not Korean, second, he’s not an extremist Kpop fan.

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