The reason for the continued delay of 4minute’s comeback

The continuous postponement of 4minute’s comeback, which was originally expected to be in January, is stirring fans’ curiosity.

4minute is a group that has always captured a lot of attention because of their unique, powerful, and charismatic performances. 4minute’s comeback which has been pushed to March is now coming closer and closer.

Although it has become time for information to be released, there is absolutely no news of 4minute’s new album. The only announcement that has been made is of the new 7-member group “BTOB” from the same company.

On the 14th, CUBE Entertainment said that 4minute’s comeback is rescheduled for the middle of April and that the second half of their album is currently in the works. Although the title track is already decided, they are spending more time to enhance the quality of the album.

A CUBE Entertainment official said to Star News, “Even before the title track was finalized, many songs were being accepted. While utilizing their know-hows gained from previous promotions as a foundation, they are taking a shot at various genres.”

In the past, 4minute’s comebacks have always been popular for their unique music style and bold choreography. Last year they have proven themselves with their performances for “Mirror Mirror” and “Heart to Heart.”

The official said, “Through this album, 4minute is trying for new music and performances with a different type of feeling. With their attempt at this experimental music, 4minute is expected to become even more charming.”

“In order to let fans who have waited so long listen to the absolute best music, the time taken to prepare for the new album may have become longer, but you will be able to see all five members of 4minute standing on a stage together in April.”

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