TEENTOP release comeback album photo

With only a week til their comeback, TEENTOP have released the album jacket photo and title ‘Artist’ for their 3rd mini album.

On May 22nd, Teen Top posted on their SNS channel, [quote]“The hot fever in my chest and hunger are making the sleeping artist blood inside me boil~ It’s ok if my lips are paralyzed if I can sing! (They really are paralyzed). Chunji hyung strewn with flowers and flowers, Niel hyung who lost his mind, and me (Ricky), exhausted with hunger.”[/quote]  and yesterday, the group revealed a concept photo (below) of members Chunji, Niel and Ricky which left a lot fans guessing a stylish homeless/Bohemian traveler theme.

However, the jacket cover image seems quite different and the members have also gone under hair style transformations.

TEENTOP will release their 3rd mini album May 30th and their first teaser May 23rd.

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