TeenNick to air Wonder Girls’ TV movie on February 2

Wonder Girls’ are set to release their TV movie, The Wonder Girls, on February 2 on TeenNick.

Previews of the show has already been released online attracting much attention from their global fans. The TV movie was previously going to be called Wonder Girls at the Apollo, but then changed to The Wonder Girls.

The chairman of TeenNick is Nick Cannon, for many Korean people he is known as Mariah Carey’s husband. More specifically in the domestic market he is a movie actor, a singer and one of the most popular hosts on TV in the US. He has been known to appreciate Wonder Girls’ potential to grow in the international market, leading to his decision to produce the movie.
[ad#GA-468-text] It is the first time in US TV history that Asian singers will play the lead role in a daytime TV show, especially in the US.

“The DJ Is Mine” music video will also be released from the movie’s soundtrack at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 11.

The event will be attended by Wonder Girls, Park Jin Young, Nick Cannon and School Girls. Samsung will be helping to advertise the music video as well as promoting their own products that were used to create the music video.

Source: TV Report


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