Teen Top’s ‘Driving Me Crazy’ MV Teaser Revealed

Teen Top recently released the teaser for the music video of their comeback, ‘Driving Me Crazy’. Watch it below!

Despite the teaser being just 39 seconds long, we still get the tense drama in the music video.


The teaser also features 4Minute’s Kwon Sohyun as the female lead, whilst L.Joe plays the male lead. L.Joe is seen chasing Sohyun, but never being able to reach her.


The track will be a part of their 2nd mini album comeback, due for release on the 5th of January. The track list for the mini album was released along with the teaser:

‘It’s’ Mini Album Track List:

1. Teen Top

2. 미치겠어 (Driving Me Crazy)

3. Where’s Ma Girl

4. Girlfriend

5. 미치겠어 (Driving Me Crazy) [R&B Slow Mix]

6. 미치겠어 (Driving Me Crazy) [Instrumental]





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  1. 내가이 비디오를봤을 때 나는 IT 미친듯이 사랑했다. 한가지 좋은 설명도 있어요 : 그것은 십대 TOP ~ 때문에! IT에 해당하는 다른 사연이있을거다?

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