Taeyang suddenly hugs IU

Taeyang hugged IU out of the blue on the SBS Inkigayo episode aired on March 11th during the interview with the Inkigayo MCs before Big Bang’s comeback stage.

During the interview, IU said a fan called ‘A sunflower who only looks at Taeyang’ asked a question, “White day is approaching, so whom would you like to give your candies to?”

Since IU mentioned previously that her ideal type is Taeyang, Nicole then asked her, “Is that question really coming from a fan (and not you)?” to which IU replied, “Keep quiet” and turned to ask Taeyang for his reply. The other Big Bang members then suddenly started chanting, “Kiss her now!” At that moment, Taeyang flung himself at IU and gave her a hug out of the blue. The other Big Bang members and MCs were visibly stunned by Taeyang’s actions.

Watch the cut below!

[ad#GA-468-img-Jo] Note: “Taeyang”‘s tweet of a gif made from the video was made by a FAKE Taeyang account. Taeyang did NOT tweet this.

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: Newsen via Nate



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