Taetiseo VS. Varsity

Many times, the Kpop world seems to like to purchase rights to songs that have already been released and are popular in other parts of the world, or sometimes the original English demos of the songs are later leaked or released. Other times, it happens to work the other way around in which popular songs become an inspiration for others and plagiarism issues arise. This time we will be looking at TaeTiseo’s Baby Steps vs. Varsity’s Baby Steps.

Don’t worry about the copyright because SM Entertainment definitely bought the song so they can release it.  In addition, it’s not the first time they did this as they have done it. Many fans are upset because it is an amazing song and it is not an original however many fans are saying it is normal to buy song and do a remake.

In my opinion i think that this song is one of the best songs in their album ‘Twinkle’ and i think they did this song justice. I love both versions and it is just a really good song… check it out below and comment on which one you think is better!

I decided to put the live version because their voices just go perfectly together and you can clearly hear how good they are. In this version there is also a live version of twinkle for all you sones out there!

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