T-ara’s law suit for cancellation of a concert

T-ara has been in the spot-light since the announcement of the group’s number change. Their company, Core Content Media, has been criticized by the fans for it. To make matter worse, it  was recently revealed that the company has been sued due to a last-minute concert cancellation. T-ara, Davichi and Yangpa were meant to performed for a family concert on January 13 in San Francisco, America but the concert was cancelled due to visa problem. Namoo Entertainment Inc. recently filed a law suit of 390 million won against their  agency, Core Content Media, and their Korean production agency ,First Creative Company, to the Seoul Central District court, saying it ‘suffered damage from the cancellation of the America concert.’

On one hand, Namoo Entertainment Inc. states:

Although there was sufficient time for  Core Content Media to prepare since the time and place of the concert had been confirmed three months before the scheduled concert, they  attempted to enter America through the ‘Visa Waiver programme’ just five days before the planned date and cancel the concert four days before it!”
[ad#GA-468-img-May] On the other hand, a representative of Core Contents Media responded to that comment as follow:

That statement doesn’t make any sense. We’re the ones that should be filing a suit. In the case of overseas concerts, the hosting company usually takes care of the visa problems. For this concert, the hosting company said that there was no problem with the visa, but after it couldn’t take care of it just before the concert, it filed a law suit against us. We’re the ones that should be filing for a compensation suit. They’re the ones to blame!

Core Contents Media plans to respond with a firm attitude. As most of the company’s officials are overseas due to their schedules, however, they will be talking over the case after returning to the country on April 9.

Who do you think is telling the truth? 

Source: Enews


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