T-ara Coming to Europe in April

T-ara will be taking a short vacation in Europe in April the group have revealed. On the trip they will be sharing their trip with videos on YouTube.

A spokesperson from T-ara’s agency has said, “This coming April, T-ara will spend 9 days and 8 nights in Europe. The members will directly record themselves and then edit the videos. They’ll upload them in real-time onto a Youtube channel in order to relay their travels to fans.”

The girls will be travelling through Switzerland, Austria, and Italy and have named the trip FREEDOM.

During the trip Hyomin will be working with an upcoming Core Contents girl group, who are yet to debut, to update their official Twitter every six hours. The new girl group from Core Contents is expected to debut in May and will consist of seven members. The seven members will include actress Hwang Jihyun, model Kim Hyeji, Choi Sooeun, and Lee Haein.

The vacation to Europe is estimated to cost at least 10 billion won (about 9 million USD).

Sources: OSENtiaradiadem


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