Super Junior’s Siwon in London


We recently found out that Super Junior member Siwon is currently in London. He tweeted the above photo earlier today saying: “ate too much. beautiful street. i can feel splendor here. lovely place here. Let u guess where i am :)”
It didn’t take many fans very long to figure out that he was in London.

Many netizens have claimed to have seen Siwon around and there are rumours stating that he was here yesterday and that he was at Piccadilly Circus. Someone also claimed that he was going to be on the show Songs of Praise but please note that this is not true.

Netizens comments include a series of hilarious statements such as “siwon is such an attention seeker he’s stealing hyukjae’s game” and “dying at siwon’s desperation to be stalked XD”

But many are still wondering how he managed to enter the city without anyone noticing and if he came with any other members.


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