Super Junior’s Donghae Is A Skilled Baker?

For the past three months, Super Junior’s Donghae has been baking cakes, learning the art from a patissier in order to fully succeed in his role as Go Seungji, a genius patissier from Channel A’s upcoming drama, ‘Ms. Panda and Hedgehog’.


Despite his busy schedule recently, Donghae has been devoted to learning from a real patissier in order to perfect his role, now able to bake with patience and delicacy, impressing many of the staff as well as actress Yoon Seungah with his cute creations.

Donghae has said “Making a cake is very delicate work. I ask the patissier what I should focus on and practice frequently. I hope learning to bake will help with acting. Please anticipate.”

The drama that Donghae will be participating in, ‘Ms. Panda and Hedgehog’, is a romantic comedy about a genius patissier named Go Seukjin, who produces magical cakes, and the owner of a cake shop that makes no profit called Ms. Panda. The first episode of the drama will air on the 18th of August, so please anticipate it!




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