Super Junior’s 6th Album to be entitled ‘Sexy, Free & Single’


ELFs, (Super Junior fans), have been waiting for Super Junior’s comeback for nearly 11 months. The popular South Korean group will be having their comeback on July 1st, 2012. Their 6th album will be titled ‘Sexy, Free & Single’. Many fans are happy to have Kangin back in the picture and joining in Super Junior’s comeback, after he served his mandatory 2 year military service.

SM Entertainment has released Eunhyuk’s teaser picture along with this news. Eunhyuk is seen sitting in an almost dreamy daze; flowers cover his eyes and bubbles are around him. The picture emulates dreams, freedom and beauty.

Super Junior’s 5th album ‘Mr. Simple’ dominated the charts and sold over 50 million copies. Many people have high hopes for Super Junior’s 6JIB. The album will be sold online July 1st and offline July 4th.

Are you excited for Super Junior’s long awaited comeback?



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