Super Junior gets disappointed with SM Entertainment

Super Junior SBS Gayo Daejun

SBS Gayo Daejun occured on December 29th, 2011 and left many ELFs with sadness. A pre-recording was made for SBS Gayo Daejun, however, ELFs were not notified by SM thus; most of the audience was a part of other fandoms. According to one fan-account, Super Junior even requested “Please give some reaction”, leaving many feeling pity for them since this has never been done by this beloved band.

Many members spoke their mind through Twitter. Angel leader Leeteuk, as well as Fishy Donghae, apologized to ELFs for this terrible event. Siwon wrote in English to describe his feelings.

@special1004: Honestly, this isn’t right..Shouldn’t they tell us beforehand? I apologize instead~ [Leeteuk]

@donghae861015: Sorry ELF… [Donghae]

@special1004: Everybody has gone too far..

@AllRiseSilver: Without ELF, there is no meaning to the year-end… Everything frustrates me!!!!!!!! Eat Eat Twice [Eunhyuk]
@special1004: @AllRiseSilver Eat three times ~ ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ
@siwon407: Keep eating @AllRiseSilver [Siwon]
@special1004: @donghae861015 @allriseSIlver i am Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk. Who are you, the one that retweeted? I eat too…
@allrisesilver: I am Eunhyuk. Who are you, the one that retweeted? [Donghae retweeted Eunhyuk’s first tweet]

@siwon407: any way.. you look at it, there isn’t a group more hard-working than us, and there can’t be a group more pitiful than us..damn it!
@siwon407: if we’ve done anything wrong, it must be the crime of working too hard, don’t you agree everyone? well just forget it.. what a long day..

Many fandoms feel heartbroken for this band that has taken SM Entertainment in new directions. Posts have been growing around the popular blogging site of tumblr. One post says how Super Junior, as well as SHINee, F(x), and DBSK, should leave SM Entertainment and move to YG Entertainment. Who knows? If SM Entertainment does things like this in the future, it may become reality.



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  1. I’m not an ELF, but I believe that Super Junior shouldn’t give up hope. There are many more fans that love them, plus they were the biggest Korean Boy band. My heart and love go to them, and I want them to know that they are still loved and not to let them forget that EVER. Even though many people don’t like them, that shouldn’t discourage them in any way.

    My love,care, and heart go out to them.

    우리는 당신 슈퍼 주니어를 사랑해!

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