Super Junior’s Siwon tweets his resemblance to Buzz from Toy Story

There seems to be an outstanding resemblance between Super Junior’s Siwon and Buzz from Toy Story.

Siwon uploaded a funny picture on December 7 onto his Twitter account with a comment, “This picture made me laugh a lot. It’s really cold nowadays that it feels like our bodies and hearts are all going to be frozen! I hope you check this out and feel better even for a moment. It’s Buzz’s friend Sizz!”

The picture shows Siwon’s face on Buzz Lightyear’s spacesuit outfit. This picture has pleased many fans because of the strikingly good fit.

His fans responded: “How can it be so natural like this? I laughed a lot,” “It looks good on you, Siwon,” “You’ve got a sense of humor, Siwon. I laughed a lot, too.”

Super Junior were recently awarded at the MAMA 2011 with The Best Album of the Year in Singapore.

Source: Starnews


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