Stars Get Busy Promoting Yeosu Expo

[ad#GA-468-tx-Jo] Top sports stars, singers and actors have been roped in to promote the 2012 Yeosu Expo all around the world. It is the first expo in Korea since the Daejeon Expo in 1993.

Football star Park Ji-sung of Manchester United in the English Premier League is the promotional ambassador for the event. He was given an appointment plaque and appeared in a promotional video. When the Premier League season wraps up this month, Park will visit the venue.

Teen singer IU is also a promotional ambassador, appearing on Expo posters that greet visitors in all corners of the city. She also sang the signature song of the event.

From left, Park Ji-sung, IU, Seo-hyun and Jessica Gomez
Girls’ Generation’s youngest member Seo-hyun was appointed promotional ambassador for the UN Pavilion. An appointment ceremony was held at the end of March, when UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was in Seoul for the Nuclear Security Summit.

French actor and filmmaker Jacques Perrin, who played adult Salvatore in the film “Cinema Paradiso,” is also a promotional ambassador. He has appeared in over 100 films, and now makes documentaries highlighting the importance of preserving maritime environment and sea life.

Australian model Jessica Gomez will promote Australia during the Expo. The Australian Embassy in Korea hopes that her popularity here will help boost informal relations between Korea and Australia.
Source: Chosun



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