Son Ho Young in Hospital After Attempted Suicide

Son Ho Young
Son Ho Young has been taken to hospital after an attempt to take his own life today.

A passerby has found Son Ho Young after he tried to kill himself in his car by lighting a piece of ignition coal. According to police he was found at 04:40 on May 24.

Son Ho Young had tried to escape from his car, after which the passerby came across him and called an ambulance.

A police spokesperson said, “He lighted the ignition coal to commit suicide, but then a part of the car caught fire. We haven′t been able to confirm whether there was a will because the inside of the car is burnt badly, and we are trying to take a closer look.”

Earlier this week on May 21, Son Ho Young’s girlfriend had committed suicide in his car. A post mortem revealed that she died of gas poisoning.


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