Skin79 BB Cream Miniature Set – Review


[ad#GA-468-tx-Minaz] BB creams have exploded onto the beauty scene over the past couple of years to become a staple in many people’s make-up bag. This was  especially true ever since brands such as Garnier, L’oreal, Maybelline and various other international companies have started carrying the BB lines.

BB cream was made popular mainly in South Korea and has been used by many stars and idols to give them that perfect skin appearance. It was initially prescribed by German dermatologists for patients who had plastic surgery because of its soothing and skin regeneration properties.

Curiosity first sparked in me (way before all the international brands released their versions) when Skin79 released their Miniature Set as a way to entice and encourage people into trying out their upcoming lines without having to splash money on a full sized product. The prospect of having a product that was moisturising, soothing, had some coverage and most of all contained SPF really excited me as it seemed like a miracle step to achieve everything in one go!

This Miniature set comes in a set of 4 of their most popular BB lines: Super BB cream, Diamond Collection BB, Triple Function BB and finally the Pearl BB.


Here are swatches of the BBs (bare in mind I have darker asian skin – MAC NC20/NW25)

No flash..natural sunlight Top R to L Pearl BB, Super BB Bottom R to L Triple function BB, Diamond

Now since this product was popularized in Asia i.e. it was targeted towards people with fairer complexions I, naturally found it hard to use this product. I had difficulties in making my face look like it wasn’t surrounded by abnormal hue even though it made me look like an angel! But you need to bear in mind these BB creams oxidise ( turn darker once they come into contact with air) so having a sample size of each BB makes it great because you can test it out at home!

Out of all 4, my favourites are the triple function and the diamond creams since they oxidise a little darker than the rest of them and if you have a pink undertone to your skin they will probably match you perfectly. If on the other hand you have a slightly more yellow tone to your skin(like mine), you will benefit from mixing it with your moisturiser or even a TINY bit of your foundation to make it work.

After experimenting with the miniature size products I ended up buying the full size triple function BB cream and its been my friend ever since!   So for those of you who are dying to try out BB creams the miniature set is PERFECT for you to experiment. For those of you with beautiful dark skin…fear not..try and use a yellow based foundation or liquid concealer with your BB cream and see how it works magic! Don’t be afraid to try it out because if you don’t you’ll be missing out on a great product!!

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