Would you continue to love Siwon if he looks like this?

Siwon has always been updating his life to his fans via Twitter and often posted pictures on Twitter. Lately, his new obsession seem to be funny photo editing application! Earlier today, he tweeted the picture below


Along with this picture,  he said his fans that he will always love the fans  but would they continue to love him if he becomes fat? Below is his actual tweet in Korean:

내가 모든걸 잃어도 내 인기가 떨어져도 더 이상 노랠 못해도 정말 뚱뚱하다해도 나라는 이유만으로 계속 사랑해줄수있니 ^^ 그래주실거죠 *_* ?? 푸훗!

To this tweet, Nickhun has just replied: “Yes, sir! I will still gonna continue to love you! ^ ^”

Yesterday, he tweeted a picture of him as a superman. He looks so handsome in the superhero outfit that Clark Kent would be jealous if he sees this picture!


What do you guys think about Siwon’s picture and what’s your reply to his question?


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