Sistar’s Over Exposure During Performance

Sistar over exposure during performance

Sistar are beginning to receive some critism from fans over their performance of “So Cool” on 2011 KBS K-Pop Festival on December 30.

Sistar’s sexy performance saw the four members appear on stage in skimpy red mini-dresses. Flesh color on the breast part made people gasp for air in what they thought could have been real flesh.

The exposure of Hyo Lyn’s inner pants happened during the performance as the member bent over. The exposure was also aired live on TV

People began to respond to this after the broadcast: “They should have been more careful with their outfits.” “That was shocking.” “They didn’t look from the beginning.”

Video is below, what do you think?


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  1. Oh please, who cares. It’s SISTAR. They will have fans no matter what they wear on live performances, and if people have a problem with it and complain to the company, they’ll just make a public apology.
    I personally think they look great, and sound great. I know that the people who don’t like their look here are just jealous.

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