SHINee Releases Full MV and Dance Ver. of “Dream Girl”



A little under a year since their last Korean promotions with “Sherlock”, SHINee is changing the game by showcasing new styles in their 3rd full-length album.

On February 19, SHINee’s much anticipated music video for their latest single “Dream Girl” was released.

The video was directed by DIGIPIDI, a duo known for their unique filming and directing styles. The video portrays SHINee as they struggle to find the girl they encountered in their dream. Through the use of pop colors and comical scenes, the boys successfully displayed the upbeat feel of the song.

Dream Girl” was produced by Joombas Entertainment’s Shin Hyuk, who’s most known for producing Justin Bieber’s “One Less Lonely Girl“. Shin Hyuk has also produced SNSD’s “Romantic St.” and EXO’s upcoming track for their comeback.

Along with the release of the music video, the full dance version was released aswell! “Dream Girl” was choreographed by Tony Testa (also choreographed “Sherlock” and TVXQ’s “Catch Me”) who incorporated microphone stands into the routine.

Much to the surprise of fans everywhere, SHINee will be releasing twin albums, each consisting of nine new songs. The first one is titled, Chapter 1 Dream Girl: Misconsceptions of You. The second album, Chapter 2 Dream Girl: Misconceptions of Me, is set to be released sometime in April and will include nine new tracks as well.

Chapter 1 is now available for download on online music portals such as iTunes, Melon, etc.

Along with their Korean comeback, SHINee will also be returning to Japan with their upcoming single titled “Fire“, which is set to be released on March 13.

Check out the music video and dance version, below!

Music Video

Dance Ver.

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