SHINee to talk about fasting rumours + possible sixth member

Oh no worries. These are rumors for a reason. SHINee will be remaining your adorable 5 member group. However, the boys will be appearing on Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News where they show off their handwritten resumes, talk about some interesting and funny rumors and hilariously explain their reactions to the rumors.
[ad#GA-468-img-Jo] Which rumors in particular? Key and Onew were on the same wavelength and answered with, “Fasting rumors” and “Don’t you ever eat? Yes, we do eat.”, respectively, while Minho and Jonghyun replied without batting an eye, “Not much” and “There’s no need to explain rumors” (you would so say that, Jonghyun). Taemin said, “That SHINee has six members.”

Many fans are expected to crowd around the studio, as only a glass window separate them from their favorite idols.
I can’t wait to see their resumes! Heh.

[ad#GA-468-tx-Jo] Source: shineee via ningin


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