SHINee to potentially have cameo roles in member Minho’s Sitcom


We recently found out that SHINee’s Minho will be starring in SBS’s new sitcom The Salamander Expert and the Shadow Operation

At the press conference for the sitcom, which took place on January 16th, Minho revealed that his fellow band members might play cameo roles to help him out a little.
[ad#GA-468-Tx-Runa] The sitcom is about two thieves who unexpectedly become salamander experts. In the sitcom, Minho plays the role of a genius hacker Min Hyuk.

Minho commented saying, “I play a chic and cold role, but I can’t hold myself from laughing because other actors just crack me up. The shooting is held in such a friendly atmosphere. I really love movies, and I was astonished when I could talk with Oh Dal Soo and Lim Won Hee actors face to face. I love imitating them because they’re so funny and awesome.”

The 10 episode series will start airing on January 27th and will air every Friday at 11:00pm.


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