SHINee Special Trailer for “1000 Years, Always Be By My Side…” Released


Following their previous Japanese single, “Dazzling Girl”, SHINee’s back with their first Japanese Ballad single! On November 15, 2012, a special trailer for SHINee’s “1000 Years, Always Be By My Side…” was released on EMIMusicJapan’s official Youtube channel.

The video portrays a once happy family that is suffering due to their son’s illness.  The video is said to have been inspired by the scenarios mentioned in the song.

The single will also come with another ballad titled “The World You’re In.”   Both singles and SHINee’s Live DVD for their “SHINee World Tour 2012” arena tour are set to be released on December 12, 2012.

Check out the teaser below!

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