SHINee Interview in Ceci April 2012 Edition

SHINee recently attended the photoshoot for the latest edition of Ceci. Here is the translation of interview that accompanied the photos.

Taemin, who has been regarded as the nation’s representative maknae, is welcoming his 20 years old this year. Now we can’t call them teenagers and instead, we should address them as ‘Youths’ SHINee. Although it is a fan’s life to keep watch of their idol’s development, but you can’t help it when talking about SHINee, the group that awakened the ‘crazy fan’ side of the whole nation’s Noonas. We met the group, SHINee, that has returned with SHERLOCK after 1 years and 6 months of break. They are no longer the beautiful young men that seems to shine under sunlight, they has transcended into men that creates ripples in your hearts. On set, they are energetic, aesthetic, like young men of their same age.


Songs that made SHINee grow
Among JULIETTE, NOONA IS SO PRETTY_REPLAY and LOVE LIKE OXYGEN, SHINee has started to show their distinctive colours in JULIETTE. Our looks are also slowly changing, towards the 20s generation. (laughs) With this song as our turning point, we seem to have found the performance that matches our ages. As a SHINee that is constantly working hard with all our strength, we just hope that people wouldn’t look upon us with confused thoughts.

20s generation SHINee
(because he was doing make-up then, he blabbered) My eyebrows are getting thicker and darker~! Because we have stood on many different stages in the past 1 year and 6 months, we have accumulated experience while performing our concert, so this promotion would be more interesting. There is an obvious difference than when we were still in our 10s.

Paris and London
I purely liked their music back then, and never thought they would like us too. You can say it’s like a feeling of reversal.. ‘Actually K-pop can also be so deeply loved at such a distant place! Actually we could also present our performances at such places!’ I seemed to have gained such responsibility. But in fact, i don’t have a good personality. (laughs) I am the kind who likes serenity. I am the kind who would get angry when someone beside me is very noisy when i’m trying to concentrate. At other times, I wouldn’t care that much, but i’m most sensitive when i’m singing.

Dream Stage
The Circus Maximus (an ancient Rome chariot racing arena). I wonder how it feels to sing at a place where fencing competitions are held?


I think a response like ‘daebak’ would appear first. Because other than the song, the dance also fills up the whole stage, and it would be really interesting.

Japan Debut
We released our regular album in Japan not long ago. It was very exciting re-recording songs we sang 4 years ago in Japanese. I hope everyone can listen to the songs, START and TO YOUR HEART that are only released in the Japanese Regular Album. The music itself is very upbeat and you would feel very refreshed.

News of SHINee in 2011
We had a lot of overseas schedules. We went to Europe, Asia, America, and Russia. The most memorable for me was the performance held at England’s Abbey Studios. I’m v happy that we could sing at such a prestigious place for popular culture music, and the fact we used this platform to promote our debut in Japan was really extraordinary. Although it was such a pity that i fell sick then.

The setbacks of growing older
Whenever it comes to the dance for our new album, during our performance practices, i would always have this feeling, ‘Can i do this? For real?’ It was like this for me during LUCIFER and also during JULIETTE too. We slowly develop and grow by pushing forward with the things that may seem impossible. This time too, we carry such confidence when we started the practice for this song, as the song itself requires us to too.


A Shocking Transformation
To create more anticipation for our future albums, we still have things that we didn’t bear to use this time round~! SHERLOCK really seems to have the ‘One daring try’ feel.

About Popular Culture
(T/N: ‘Popular’ here does not refer to the fame but the widespread likeness and acceptance by society of the subject mentioned.)

I believe that songs created by Popular Artistes are Popular Music. So sayings like ‘Why is that singer not Popular?’ doesn’t make any sense. On the contrary, sayings like ‘It is quite popular’ would then make people think that those ‘quite popular’ songs/singers are very similar in nature. The current Gayo (Music) industry seems to be a big battlefield where everyone fights for higher sales whilst promoting the same product. Everyone scrambles to find the best composer, the best stylist to collaborate with, and the best salon to style at. Compared to aimlessly gaining popularity without your own personality, I want more to show our special talents and approach success one step at a time.

Taemin being 20 yrs old
He doesn’t give off that familiar feeling anymore. We used to hold on to our image of him from our first encounter, but people around us kept emphasizing that he was already 20 years old. We all met when Taemin was in Primary 6, and when i was still in Secondary 2. It isn’t such an easy feat watching each other grow up.

SHINee being in the 20s
If only we could get over this time like Peter Pan. I wish to live diligently in this moment, because we are supposed to be studying in our 10s but our order seems to have be switched. We started working in the society in our 10s, so now we would roughly have an idea of what to do and what not to do. What’s left next should be enjoyment!

I wish to meet my friends in, like KARA or BEAST, but now when we go to television broadcast stations, it seems like only the hoobaes are left. What to do? I’m not quite comfortable with hoobaes greeting me (laughs).

The current Me
I’m doing well. Living happily, and working hard. I’m not talking about my different experience with others, but i’m really thankful for being able to accomplish what i want to do. I never regretted my own choice.


Our title song SHERLOCK is a hybrid remix created by amalgamating 2 different songs, this is a very modern approach. Of course the two original song will be included in the album. This album will be a very special album that includes this style of very unique and interesting approach.

Extent of practices
To the point where i will experience extreme fatigue after performing twice. Actually we are filming the MV tomorrow, which i’m very worried about. Because we have to dance continuously for a few hours. Even if it’s very tiring, we have to do it well.

Salamander Guru and the Shadows
Oh Da-su, Lee Bing-jun sunbaenims, as my life in the drama is as long as the life i’ve spent, i’m able to learn a lot by collaborating with them. They will guide me along. After filming with Oh Da-su sunbaenim, if i feel a little pity towards the scene, he would request for a second filming immediately from the Director. I’m really thankful towards them!

4 Years
In my impression, I was still a little fearful of the reactions towards my speech and behaviour. But now i am becoming more familiar with the stage through performances and programs. Things have become more natural to me recently, and i feel that i show more of my original character now.


20 Years Old
I had the thought that i need to start taking good care of myself from now onwards. Hoobaes are increasing in numbers too, so i need to be a role model. I feel very refreshing when i meet hoobaes in broadcasting stations.

For the 10s Singers
When i was young, i also had the thought that ‘Am i unable to prepare for debut on my own?’ Do not remain in that current status of yourself, you need to stand out and present yourself. I hope that everyone can earnestly reflect on that.

Immortal Songs 2
It’s burdening, and very nervous. Because it already had so many great singers performing. But because it is a good chance for me to present a new side of me to the public, i happily joined it despite knowing it was going to be tough. If i were to choose my best performance, it would be my performance of Kim Gun Mo’s Wrongful Meeting.

20s SHINee
Reaching 20 years old, and i feel that i have become closer to my hyungs. Even though it may only be 3 years of difference, but there is the generational gap between the 10s and the 20s. So since i’m in the 20s now, we are now able to exchange ideas more comfortably and freely.

Fantasies of being in the 20s
I want to do the things i couldn’t do when i was underaged. Although i have already planned to learn drinking with the hyungs, but we havn’t started yet.

In Taemin’s Perspective
Key-hyung always has plans ahead. He always has a fully packed schedule the next day. Onew-hyung always sleeps in the day. Minho-hyung always exercises and is very energetic. Jonghyun-hyung is obsessed with the gym recently/ Jonghyun-hyung is always at the gym lately. Me? For myself, i’m still very lost. (laughs)



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