SHINee Deluxe Boxset Review

Just a quick review of the “The First” boxset, following the review already posted…

I bought the Deluxe Boxset edition, as I just can’t help myself – I wanted all the accesories that came with the album as well as the standard CD and DVD!

So I’ve heard a lot of criticism concerning the regular type B and C albums, with people stating that the calender was too small, they couldn’t get a playbutton in some instances, etc. But I am here to tell you all that the boxset is AMAZING. And don’t worry, if you still want it, you can buy it from Japanese HMV! (Warning: pretty expensive…) The Box is just a bit bigger than A4, is shiny, pretty, and really nicely layed out, then inside you have the CD, DVD and booklet (extra pages on the photobooklet in this edition) – only down point is, in this edition you don’t get a photocard… (I don’t know why!) The next layer down in the box holds the playbutton, this has the whole album on and is really cute!! ^^ Lastly, the calender is at the bottom of the box and is just smaller than A4, so is a good size! On all the member’s birthdays, they have a little “O” for Onew, with a little crown and some stars next to the date, just to remind us our their birthdays… (14th December for Onew of course)… The Calender comes with a stand, and all in all its really cool. I’ve attached a photo of my personal boxset for your viewing pleasure! (Click on the picture to view in a larger-scale!)

Sidenote- the songs have been reviewed so I will just add that my favourite song is To Your Heart! It was my favourite as soon as I listened to it before it was released, so I was really happy to see that this would be their Main single song, and they’d make an awesome dance routine for it!!! (Christmas Eve performance in Japan ring any bells??) :D

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