Seori Gears Up for Upcoming All-English Single “Can’t Stop This Party”

Seori Profile - Can't Stop This Party

Rising South Korean artist Seori will be releasing her forthcoming 5th digital single, “Can’t Stop
This Party
” on March 22 at 12AM (ET) for a global facing release with ATISPAUS and 88rising. She will also be holding her first international online press showcase the same evening, on March 22 at 8PM (KST) featuring a live performance and artist Q&A with worldwide press and fans in attendance.
The new all-English song is a hypnotizing, moody pop and R&B track written by Seori and globally acclaimed writers Chloe Angelides, Joseph Bryn Kearns, Treyshun Campbell. Produced by Joseph Kearns, the song features Seori’s gentle but charismatic vocals over a piano intro that seamlessly blends into a melancholy, lo-fi beat. The song describes the theme of a never-ending party- which stereotypically would be associated with an up-tempo rhythm and high energy- but instead cheekily slows the beat down in a charming and unique way that creates a new, fresh feeling for the audience.

Like a never-ending network, the song lyrics describe her feeling trapped with frustration and stress from an almost-lover who couldn’t return her feelings. She describes feeling hurt and betrayed by a loved one and is overwhelmed with bitterness with the past. 

To escape the heartbreak, she finally breaks free by exploring a party she does not want to leave. She sings about running away from painful past memories that haunt her, so far that she metaphorically feels that she is on another planet. Though she is getting the relief she needs, her distortion of reality is blurred and distorted by the spiraling party. By focusing less on the past and not worrying about the future, she discovers cathartic relief by letting go of her bitter emotions and dancing her feelings away in the present moment.

Like taking a breath of air after feeling suffocated, the song will allow listeners to escape the everyday stresses to another world through her healing music. 

VEVO named her as the only South Korean artist for their DSCR Artists to watch in 2022, while NME awarded her as one of the Emerging Artists to Watch for 2022. Seori was the first female Korean artist to perform on Grammy’s Global Spin series.

Seori is featured on the track “Warriors“ with Warren Hue for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: The Album, executive produced by 88rising. She also made her debut stage performance at 88rising’s “Head in the Clouds” Los Angeles Music & Arts Festival last year in front of 30,000+ in-person audience with thousands more watching from the livestream- leaving a lasting impression for fans all around the world.

 “Can’t Stop this Party” will be released through 88rising on March 22 and available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other music platforms around the world. Pre-save link here.

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