Secret Reveal ‘Talk That’ Dance Version MV

Talk That Group Photo Secret

Following the success of the drastic sexy concept change for ‘Poison’, Secret released their new single, ‘Talk That’, a track which allowed the girls to continue with their sexy concept but with added chic and mystic. The group recently unveiled the dance version of the music video, allowing fans to see the choreography in more detail. Watch it below:


The choreography for the track looks elegant and sophisticated, despite the girls simply standing on the spot for most of it, as they are covered perfectly by the backing dancers. The girls also recently gave a lesson on how to dance the key point of the choreography, the ‘Claw Dance’, used for the chorus.

Secret were a midst promotions for the track, before their car accident which hospitalized the members for a short while. The members are now, however, on the road to recover after members Hyosung, Sunhwa and Jieun suffered only minor injuries, whilst Zinger took the biggest hit, and is now on regular visits to the hospital. wishes for the girls to make a speedy recovery.

What do you think of ‘Talk That’ thus far?




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