Secret’s Hyo Seong will try her best to attend awards

Despite her leg injury, Secret’s Jeon Hyo Seong, is doing everything that she can to attend the end of year awards ceremony.

Secret’s agency issued a statement on December 28, saying that Jeon is trying hard best to give it her all at the ‘SBS Gayo Daejeon’.

Last month Jeon fell down a flight of stairs, injurying her left knee and facturing her right foot.

Her agency, TS Entertainment says, “Even though Jeon’s legs were injured and it took 6 to 8 weeks to heal, she is practicing hard to give a great performance to her fans. She is doing her best to heal her legs so that she can attend the ceremony.”

Jeon’s doctor said, “She has a strong will to heal her legs and it helps to recover speedily. I think she will able to attend the end of the year awards ceremonies.”


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