Second Teaser Released for ‘2NE1 Loves’ Featuring Dara

The second teaser for ‘2NE1 Loves’ has been released today after the previous release of CL’s teaser.

Dara’s teaser links to the website, which doesn’t hint at what the teaser are for. Dara’s clip is titled ‘2NE1 Loves Vol.2 – DARA Loves’

The 2NE1 teasers are aimed at something happening on May 28 with some specultating that this is 2NE1’s long awaited comeback to the domestic music scene. However there are some fans that think it could just be some collaborative endorsement project (Intel).

2NE1 LOVES Vol.2 – DARA LOVES from 2ne1loves on Vimeo.

See previously released teaser for CL.

2NE1 LOVES Vol.1 – CL LOVES from 2ne1loves on Vimeo.


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