Se7en Gets His Marching Orders – Enlistment in March [UPDATE]

February 27 – YG Entertainment have officially announced that Se7en is due to enlist for national service in March. This will see Se7en in military service as an active duty soldier for two years.

YG Entertainment spokesperson said, “Se7en will personally share the exact date of enlistment to his fans at his concert.”

Celebrities are not exempt from doing national service. Se7en will join a list of big names that have gone into military service including Rain, Wheesung and Leeteuk.

There will be one last concert before he leaves for military service on February 9 at the Seoul Center of Education and Culture.

Se7en will complete his 21 months service at a base in Uijeongbu.

Updated March 11 – Se7en’s official date for joining the military for national service is March 19.

At his farewell concert in Seoul, Se7en announced his enlistment date. “Over the past 10 years I’ve spent a happy and enjoyable time with the love of my fans,” he carried on to say, “I will begin serving my military duty this month, I’m happy that I could have an opportunity to say goodbye to you before I join up.”


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