[REVIEW] T-Ara Cry Cry

Let’s take a look a review from Maggie. ‘Cry cry can’t you see the music..’

From the long MV with strong story line, with main character Jiyeon. Sad story line from Jiyeon’s past memory & Cha Seungwon’s fault could make viewers feel the sadness of this story line. As a cameo, Hyomin became a girl that stealing money because her boss.

T-Ara has 2 MVs for ‘Cry Cry’, the one with story line, & the other is dance version. In dance version, Boram danced to tango dance.

The sad one from this song is one of T-Ara’s member, Boram, didn’t get any part & there’s no enough screen for her. Overall from the comeback was so good. Sexy, boyish, charismatic, & chic character, all in one. Everyone can fall because of ‘Cry Cry’ & T-Ara’s spells.


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