[REVIEW] RaNia Pop Pop Pop

RaNia is a 7th members girlgroup, with debut song ‘Dr. Feel Good’, followed up with ‘Masquerade’. Their latest song for comeback is titled ‘Pop Pop Pop‘, colaborated with Brave Sound.

From their debut, RaNia has knowned with sexy, charismatic, & chic dance. They’re very talented in powerful dance & voice. This group was produced by Teddy Riley, the famous director. But as you know, Teddy Riley had been leaving RaNia from ‘Masquerade’.

From my review, ‘Pop Pop Pop’ was a great song, produced by Brave Sound. Their dance still sexy, but not as sexy as ‘Dr. Feel Good’. Jooyi must get more parts, because she has great voice.

This is RaNia without Teddy’ ‘Dr. Feel Good is better than Pop Pop Pop’ ‘This is not RaNia’s style’ commented some netizens. For me ‘Dr. Feel Good’ is much better. Almost all of RaNia’s fans are commenting on their style, because all of them want the sexy & charismatic RaNia.

For the first comeback debut, they couldn’t synchronizing well. Joy did wrong with the dance & RaNia couldn’t make a straight line for the dance. Joy is known as her cute wrong dance, she had done a few mistake on stage for ‘Dr. Feel Good’ & ‘Masquerade’.

You can check their live & their latest song.


First comeback live :


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