Rain Receives Criticism Over Luxury Hotel Stays on Jeju Island

Rain Military service
Rain has been taking a lot of flak in the recent few days, particularly his behaviour whilst on military service.

Rain’s hotel stay at an event on Jeju Island has come to light because while regular soldiers stayed in motels or nearby communal halls in case they are called up, Rain stayed in a luxury hotel suite.

On January 7, Rain and KCM stayed in the royal suite in the hotel. The range of costs depends on the size of the room and can range from 150000 KRW to 600000 KRW (approximately 141 USD to 565 USD) a night. Rain stayed in the most expensive suite available at 600000 KRW. The dorm fees are provided for by the army and a commanding officer should have stayed with them at the time.

A representative for the Ministry of Defense said, “Usually when celebrity recruits have performances in other places they stay at motels and the money is provided by the Defense Media Agency In the case of Rain it is true that he stayed at the hotel in June after his Jeju Island concert However the money was provided for by the event hosts Korea Cable Television & Telecommunications Association”

Whilst Rain is not the only celebrity recruit to have used luxury hotels whilst on active military service a representative from the army said, “Even if the money was provided from the outside it is never acceptable for a soldier to stay at an outside hotel while he is on duty”

TV Report were told by the Ministry of Defense that, “Rain stayed at Jeju Island because of an event 49 people slept over including 26 workers and 11 directors of the Defense Media Agency Workers from the Defense Media Agency were with Rain and they slept together because of their task People are saying that Rain and KCM stayed together by themselves but that makes no sense About 5-6 people slept in the same suite Also it was not a luxurious hotel The hotel cost about 600000 KRW and was paid for by the Cable Association Even the soldiers assigned to drive stay with the workers when they are not on base so they stay at a hotel This happens often in the army You can’t pick out every incident The Ministry of Defense cannot sentence Rain to disciplinary actions because he stayed at a hotel”.


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