Putting Rumours to Rest: Sunmi’s comeback

Wonder Girls
The beginning of the year started with the Justin Bieber joining SM Entertainment in Korea. Recently an edited photo of 6 members of Wonder Girls has caused quite a stir.

The photo in question is one that was uploaded on January 13 where an edited image of the group’s second album cover with Sunmi was uploaded on a fansite. The inclusion of the ex-Wonder Girls’ member began to start the rumour mill.

The photo then generated some momentum, sparking “Sunmi’s Comeback Theory”, leading many fans to thinking that the photo was real. It was later revealed that the photo had been created by fans of Sunmi hoping that she would return to the group.

Later, JYP Entertainment also confirmed the edited photo stating, “Currently, Sunmi has no plans to return to the entertainment industry”. Sunmi is currently a college student and has no plans to return to the entertainment industry, although she sill practises dance and singing with JYP Entertainment.

Source: K Star News


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