Psy’s ‘Happening’ Concert Forced Tight Competition Among Medias

All eyes are on Seoul as the final preparations are done for Psy’s “Happening” concert this week. Many media outlets had to fight one another for consent to cover the huge event.

It was stated that there were some misunderstanding about the policy of press passes for the coming concert. This means that many global sources do not have proper authorization to cover the occasion from inside. The deadline for media applications was April 9. One hundred applications were processed and allowed 200 reporters both domestic and foreign to go to the show.

There were also conflicts about the live broadcast for “Happening”. Both Youtube and Naver have sole rights to show the concert live. Mnet channel will also feature the performance on TV in South Korea. But, MBC cable channel argued that they were initially told they were given the consent to broadcast the concert.  If that is not enough, USTREAM (online streaming site) also fights the right to show the performance through its website. Both were supposedly notified through email with YG Entertainment but YG Entertainment maintained that the statement is false.

No matter who covers the huge event on Saturday, people can be assured that there is definitely not going to be lack of articles, pictures as well as videos.  After all, there are 100 news sources that will be present coupled with two online streams and television broadcast.



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