Psy Teaching Gangnam Style to…

Well Psy’s Gangnam Style is still proving to be popular, 3 months after it was released and began to go viral.

This gallery is a tribute to the range of celebrities that Psy has been teaching his horse dance moves to. The celebs that has been taught by Psy include Britney Spears, Mel B, Usher, The Wanted and Google’s Eric Schimdt.

The most recent celebs Psy has been visiting are Hugh Jackman and Mel B in Australia.

We do start to wonder who else Psy will be teaching a bit of Gangnam Style to.

PSY and Hugh Jackman

Psy teaching horse dance at the Korean Grand Prix to Red Bull driver Mark Webber
Psy teaching Britney Spears on The Ellen show
Psy and Mario Lopez
Psy with Usher
Psy teaching horse dance to Mel B on Australian X-Factor
Psy teach The Wanted how to dance Gangnam Style

Psy at MTV EMA 2012 in Germany
Psy in the US teach Ryan Seacrest how to do horse dance
Psy with Google’s CEO Eric Schimdt

K-Pop Concerts

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