Psy Promises To Perform Shirtless If He Reaches No 1

After spending around 3 weeks in America; Psy held a press conference surrounding his world wide hit ‘Gangnam Style.’ and his upcomming American debut.

Psy discussed a variety of topics such as his debut American album being recorded in Korean and was then asked to make a promise to do something if he achieved no 1 on the billboard chart. In response to this Psy replied “I’m honestly anticipating it a bit. When I first got to 64th, I just laughed, cried and was happy. But now, I keep thinking, ‘maybe it really will happen?’ so I can’t make a light promise. If I reach #1 on Billboard, I don’t know where, but I will set up a stage where a large number of people can see. I’ll take my shirt off and sing Gangnam Style.

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So what do you guys think; will Psy reach no 1 and give us a shirtless Gangnam style?

Source:TV Daily via Nate


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