Psy Officially signs under Justin Bieber’s Record label Island Records

Psy signs onto Justin Biebers record label

Recent reports have announced that Psy is officially now signed with Island Records, Justin Biebers record label.

A representative reported that on September 4th ‘“Psy has signed on with Island Records for his management worldwide with the exception of Korea.”

It was also previously announced that Psy was set to attend the MTV Music Video awards in which another representative revealed, “Psy will be leaving Korea to stand on stage at the MTV VMA on the 6th, and will also be discussing future plans with Island Records during the trip.”

Many acts under the record label include Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez , so this is a another step for Psy in order to become a global artist.

Scooter Braun, the talent manager behind Justin Bieber, is said to have played a big role in the deal and he and Psy have celebrated the occasion with a drink and a toast.

In related news, Psy is currently nearing 100 million views on his “Gangnam Style” music videoand is the number one most viewed Kpop video on youtube!

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